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Lady Jocelyn is a wife, mother of three, pastor, author, motivational speaker, image consultant, business owner and asset coach!


A “quiet strength” and “furtive godly fire” are phrases that describe the amazing love of God exemplified through the woman so named Jocelyn Williams. Pastor Jocelyn has been in salvation for over two decades and filled with the Holy Spirit for several of those years bearing his evidences as well. Pastor Jocelyn holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She is a dynamic woman of God with an aspiration to see the body of Christ become doers of the word and not hearers only, because of this her preaching style is unique, relatable and comprehensive for and to both saint and sinner alike. 


Pastor Jocelyn is the dedicated wife and rib of his grace, Apostle A. Alan Williams and together, she and her husband are the overseers and spiritual leaders of Truth International Church in Orlando, FL. She also serves with her husband, as Lead Pastors of the Judah Church, where they work alongside Bishop Clint S. and Pastor Kendal Brown. Apostle & Pastor Williams sit under spiritual and accountable awning & integument of the Association of Independent Ministries (A.I.M.) under the patronage and advowson of Apostle I.V. & Dr. Bridget Hilliard of New Light Christian Center Church in Houston, Texas.   


Pastor Jocelyn is an amazing mother of the young prince, Nehemiah Logan, princesses, Jenesis Gloria and Majesty Harmony Williams. She is a thriving entrepreneur.  She is also the author of the bestselling book, “She Might As Well Be Me,” which is a book that provides practical and spiritual wisdom to becoming the 21st century, Proverbs 31 woman or as she calls it, “The P31 Lady.” Impacting the lives of others on an incessant basis both behind the pulpit and woman to woman ministry is what this lady does. “Wearing many hats,” is impervious to this woman of faith and grace because she is equipped to carry out her assignments without complaint or restraint. She has recently taken on a new feat, in which she is an Asset Coach. This is a coaching program designed for women to regain their confidence, bounce back from hardship, start businesses and change their overall appearance to attract positive results. 


Her life is sincerely a testament of God’s favor and unconditional love. She lives to be an example to others and continues to be that godly example with each passing day. A woman indeed of value, virtue, and potency, her beauty on the outside is no match for the inner beauty she bears that displays in every aspect of her life and moving her spiritual children to note and deem her as “The Mother of Pearl!” She is the crown of her husband and a display of God’s glory revealed, it is Her Grace: 

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