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Want to be mentored by Lady J? 


A reoccurring payment will be deducted from your account monthly. You may cancel subscription at any time. 

What if I told you that an investment of $1 a day and committing to 10 minutes in each of them would improve your life?

1:10 Mentorship is designed with the average individual in mind. It forces you to take an introspection of your life and make time to improve yourself. This mentorship is the answer you have been looking for. Lady J will be a part of your life in some capacity on a weekly basis. With things such as live monthly calls, journal prompts, interactive assignments, empowerment sessions, private group chats and mentee perks; improvement is inevitable. Making time for self-improvement will benefit every aspect of your life. Whether it be your marriage, business, spiritual development, altering your mood, managing your time or even changing your appearance; the possibilities are endless and this mentorship will address it all! You are the MVP of your life. When you place a demand on your worth, you will reap the benefits and others will be impacted. Will you invest $1 a day in yourself? Can you commit to 10 minutes a day to improve your life?  I know you’re worth way more than that but let's start here. Join me for 1:10 Mentorship and cultivate the greatness in you.

Highlighted Topics: Benefits of Valuing Yourself, Balancing Life, Dream Fulfillment, Identifying Setbacks, Growing Spiritually and Identifying your Niche

 Affordable, Convenient and Effective mentorship from the comfort of your home.

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Lady Jocelyn Williams has been mentoring women for over a decade. Through Asset Master Classes, Speaking Engagements, Ladies Conferences, YouTube Videos, Online Courses and even One on One encounters, her infectious personality and ability to keep it real allows her to stand out from others. Women under Lady Jocelyn's mentorship have achieved positive results. They have regained their confidence, bounced back from hardships, started businesses, turned long term goals into right now accomplishments and even changed their overall appearances. She is vastly qualified to mentor women to new levels of confidence, achievement and fulfillment. She is not just a mentor, she is also a mentee. Lady Jocelyn has been mentored for many years by those she proudly names as:


-Viana Lynch, her mother

-Pastor Riva Tims, her former pastor, yet current mentor since the age of 16

-Dr. Bridget Hilliard, her spiritual covering since 2009

-Dr. Andre Williams, her husband  


Each play a significant and consistent role in her life that have shaped the woman she is today. Lady J believes the best project you can work on is YOURSELF. Her passion is to empower both men and women to live as the Asset they are. Mentorship has transformed Lady J's life and now she has packaged an ongoing mentorship opportunity to impact the lives of others. You've neglected yourself long enough. Make an intentional effort to invest in and make time for yourself every, single day. $1 a day will help change your life forever. 

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